Friday, November 21

Friendship Friday - Erin

A friend of mine has really been on my mind lately, I just thought I would share with you all.

Erin and I have been friends since 8th grade. We have kinda been on-again-off-again friends. We have had our differences, had our fights, and had many good (and stupid) times together. We were part of a group of friends that we named ourselves B.E.E.R (Brittany, Erin, Elizabeth, Rachel) and at almost every gathering, we would have a six pack of IBC Root Beer to celebrate. To this day I can't drink an IBC Root Beer from the bottle without thinking of those girls.

Our "gatherings", were usually held at Erin's house because her parents didn't really mind us being loud, obnoxious, high school girls. We had a lot of fun times, and as I mentioned before, did some pretty silly/stupid stuff (that will not be mentioned here). I really wish I had a picture of the four of us together from freshman year to show you. But I have gotten off topic a little.

Erin and I went to the same high school (Folsom High) and had a few classes together. Although we were both stubborn leaders and wanted things our way, we managed to tolerate each other through all four years. When I left for college to Riverside, and Erin left for Seattle, we lost touch a bit and had a falling-out of sorts. But no matter how many times we decided that we fought and I decided we weren't friends anymore - she always came back.

Erin (who has an amazing voice) sang at my wedding, I flew to Sacramento to go to hers, because despite our differences, we were still friends. (She was a VERY beautiful bride, just ask her husband :))

Last month when I went to Sacramento, I got to spend just a short amount of time with Erin. Although it was brief, it made me realize how much I miss her and the fun times we used to have. We sat and talked about how stupid and innocent we were in high school, we talked about life and what was going on. We talked about her coming to visit sometime, perhaps going to Disneyland together. But it was nice to just sit and have a nice conversation with an old friend.

I know most of you probably don't know Erin, especially not like I know Erin. But like I said, she has been on my mind lately and so I wanted to share a bit about my friend. I hope that her and her husband are able to come and visit sometime soon.


Elizabeth said...

What a cute idea for a post! I should start doing these. This made me feel all nostalgic for all our good times in high school. I'm glad you and Erin got to reconnect a bit, I know she really cares about you a lot.

Kevin and Bekah said...

Ooooo - I have seen some of the pictures from your "gatherings". I wonder if I can find one first and post it on your blog! That wouldn't be very nice - you girls really did do some off things. I just can't believe you took pictures.

Ken said...

yes she was a beautiful bride and still is. Erin and I would love to get together sometime soon.

Ken & Erin said...

You made me want to cry! I've really missed you too! We should be able to come down to go to Disneyland in January or February. We just need to figure out when Ken's cousin's wife is having her baby shower. But, we'll make it down there somehow. I love you!