Monday, December 1

What a morning!!

This morning I woke up and I knew it was going to be one of those mornings. Brendan didn't do as well last night as we had hoped, I think being away from home for a week and surrounded by people threw his schedule off, but nonetheless, I was exhausted this morning when I woke up - I slept in a little more than I should have.

I quickly took a shower this morning and went to go pick up my now screaming child (who wouldn't eat for me at anytime convenient), with nothing to wear this morning (still can't fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes) I finally throw something on and go to dress Brendan. Once both him and I are dressed and ready to head out the door, we are only 10 minutes later than I normally leave, not too bad I think to myself.

I pack the diaper bag, grab Brendan, pick-up my purse and realize.....I have no keys! I call Scott and he goes out to his car, sure enough, my keys are in my jacket pocket - in my husbands car! I start making phone calls and text-messages to try to find someone to help me. I finally get ahold of Natalie (a friend from CBU) who is just walking out the door to go to work. She agrees to come and get me and help me to take Brendan to Day Care. What a Friend!

With all that excitement, I still get to work only 1/2 an hour late! Now the errands I was going to run at lunch will have to wait for tomorrow... Happy Monday everyone!

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