Friday, December 19

Sick Baby

Brendan was five months on Sunday, we spent the day with a sick baby! Scott and I have realized that God gave us a sick kid. It seems like he gets sick so easily, we are hoping this means that he will build a good immune system that will be able to fight off sickness later in life. It doesn't help though that Scott and I keep getting sick, I think this time Brendan caught my cold.

Sunday morning Brendan woke up early and we could tell me was not feeling well. Scott brought him into bed with us and he seemed to like the closeness and warmth of our bed. We decided that we should not take him to church to infect the others in the nursery, so Brendan and I stayed home while Scott went to church. Below is his attempt at a smile for me.

I got up and gave Brendan a bath hoping that would help calm him down and we spend the day mostly at home doing all we could to make Brendan comfortable. The bath did make him feel better, you can see him making faces at me while in the tub, finally my kid likes to take baths!After the bath we got dressed and then watched Baby Einstein for the first time. We got a sampler DVD from the hospital when he was born but had never watched it. The DVD is only 15 minutes long but Brendan seemed to like the bright colors and the movement (plus my kid will pretty much watch anything on TV). He was pretty clingy all day (all week really) wants to be held or at least have me sit on the floor next to him. I can tell he just didn't feel well!

Even now you can tell that he is not completely better, my cold is still hanging on and has been for almost two weeks now and you can hear the congestion in Brendan as he breaths and coughs. Marion, (our new day care lady) says that she doesn't mind a sick kid, she says she will just "doctor them up love" as long as they don't get too bad of a cough, then she will call me. Hopefully he does okay because this is a terrible week for me to be out at work!

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Robyn said...

Oh poor Brendan! I hope both of you get better soon.

We need to hang out as well. I miss you!