Thursday, December 4

...oh the weather outside is frightful...

On Saturday, November 15th we took a day and went to Disneyland, it was a beautiful day out! Brendan went on most of the Fantasyland rides and we just enjoyed our morning at Disneyland.

However, after lunch we we went back outside, the weather had completely changed! The sky was full of clouds and I realized that ash was falling from the sky! As we know know, a major fire had started in Yorba Linda that was covering the sky with smoke and ash. What a dramatic difference in the pictures over just a few hours!

Scott and I decided to go home then and not stay out in the smoke and ash. It was quite an adventure driving home since the 91 went right past the fires in Yorba Linda, we could see homes burning out of our window! Of course I left the camera in the trunk, so we don't have any good pictures of the file we experienced, but it was a scary drive home. Parts of the freeway we were driving 5 miles an hour with our flashers on because the smoke was so thick!

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Will and Carlene said...

That picture of the family is just beautiful. You guys are a wonderful family