Wednesday, December 3

Good Christian Men, Rejoice...

Last Sunday morning (November 30th) we had Child Dedications at Church. This is a time for us to gather as a congregation and commit to pray for these little children and commit to work together to teach these children about God's Love and the Christian life. Faith is not based off parents belief and for that reason we do not baptise infants, instead and dedicate them as a reminder to all of us that it is the entire church's responsibility to help raise these children to understand who God is and that Christ gave his life for all of us. We are also instructed to teach these children the way of life, to honor and respect their parents and to become strong independent and hopefully Christian men and women of God.
I am thankful that I have a church family that is now committed to praying for Brendan and teaching him through Sunday School, fellowship and by example. It is our responsibilities as parents to bring our children up in the way of the Lord and I am happy to know that I am not alone, I have an army standing behind me.

We were blessed to have my family join us on Sunday in the commitment at child dedications. My Mother, Father, Grandparents, Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Brothers, all followers of Christ, were able to be with us when we made the public decision to our church family to dedicate our son to God as they joined us in praying for Brendan. What an amazing opportunity we had this weekend. I pray everyday for my baby that he may grow in Christ and one day know him as a Saviour. I pray for guidance as Scott and I raise this gift from God. Scott and I would be honored if any of you would also like to commit with us to pray for and support in the raising of our child.


Shanda said...

I don't know what's wrong with me but reading this just made me cry like a baby... or like a lady who is pregnant with a baby (and that is about as "not the case" as anything could be). I'm in. (Committed to praying.)

Rachel said...

Thank you Shanda. You are a testament to us all that Prayer works!