Wednesday, December 3

Over the River and Through the woods...

Okay, so really it was down the freeway and to the coast, and we didn't go to Grandmother's house....but it was a nice Thanksgiving for us all! Last Sunday afternoon all of my family met together in Oceanside (San Diego area) for Thanksgiving week. Myself, Scott, Brendan, My sister Bekah and her husband Kevin, my parents, my Grandparents and both my brothers, as well as my Aunt & Uncle were able to join us! Thirteen people all together!

Our Thanksgiving Table (one of them). My mother made little goodie-bags as place holders. We even made Chocolate covered pretzels in the shapes of pumpkins for the occasion. They were very cute, and although we were in a timeshare, it felt like home with all the cooking, decorations, shopping, sibling rivalry, and family together, just like the holidays should be!
My Brother, JT (Brendan's Uncle Bud) slept through most of dinner after working a very early morning shift before flying to meet us.
Along with a new Thanksgiving outfit, new Thanksgiving bib, Grandma also gave Brendan a Thanksgiving Turkey that "Gobbled" he just loved to hear it make noise and of course chew on the feet. It was quite a long day for Brendan, by 8:00 he was out!

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