Friday, December 19

More Memories

I have noticed that lot of the Christmas decorations in our house are mine or from my childhood, even most of the decorations on the tree are mine. So this year I really wanted to bring a focus on something of Scott's. We got his Santa ornament collection a couple years ago from him mom but we have never hung them. These ornaments are 17 Santa's from all over the world, made out of porcelain. I believe these Santa's were given to him by his late Grandma. Scott's Grandma was very special to him and he talks about her very fondly, so I know these ornaments are very special to him.

When we got the decorations, many were broken and Scott was very upset, he was ready to throw them all away. Instead, I found some super-glue and fixed what I could, most had a clean break and were not shattered so I could fix them, I then wrapped them all safely so they wouldn't get broken again and that is where they have stayed safe in a box - for two years now. This year I kept bringing up that we should hang them, being that they are so special to Scott. Scott declined this year saying that he didn't want them to get broken, so instead they stayed in the box.

Last weekend I decided to surprise Scott by hanging them on our garland above the window. I was very careful with each one and insured that they were securely on the hooks and hung securely on the garland. I think they look great, and it is nice to have something so special to Scott part of our Christmas decor!

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