Monday, May 3

38 weeks!!

I am officially 38 weeks along, 12 days to go, it's crazy! Right now I am doing really well, I went to the doctor on Thursday and she said that everything looked good, my blood pressure was fine, weight gain was still on track, and I am not dilated at all! Great! Wait...38 weeks and not even a centimeter? This could be bad news....

Although I am not quite ready for a baby this week, I would like him to come on or around the 15th. Things could change in a week, but if I go in for my next appointment on the 7th and nothing has changed, I'm going to start to worry. I don't want another late baby! That really messes up my plans!

Don't worry, I am kidding (slightly) I know babies come when they come and you can't schedule these type of things, so we will just have to wait it out to see.

Here are a couple more belly shots for those interested. These are from my 37th week. The baby is now the size of a watermelon! I Know that I feel huge, but really I think that I am smaller than I was with Brendan. I also don't feel quite as uncomfortable. When I was pregnant with Brendan, I would have a constant pain in my ribs from him kicking me, while with this pregnancy, I don't feel that pressure. As I type he is pushing against me, as if to tell me he is out of room, but he needs to stay in for just 2 more weeks, then he can come!

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