Tuesday, March 29

At the Park

My boys love the park

Especially Brendan.

He must ask to go to the park at least once a week,

Luckily we have a park in our housing community,

perfectly within walking distance.

I can make my kids day just by saying 5 simple words:

"Let's go to the park!"

While Brendan HATES the swing,

Caleb is still at the age where anything outside is fun.

"And if it means playing with Mommy and big brother, I'm in!"

The slide is of course a big hit with Brendan,

This was first time they have gone down together,


Brendan did not protest helping his brother go down the slide,

As long as we are at the park,

he is a perfect angel

"Please don't make me go home!"

The wagon is the easiest way to get to the park.

Brendan likes to be Mommy's-little-helper and pull Caleb in the wagon.

If only he knew it would be easier on Mommy to just ride with brother. There is nothing better than an afternoon at the park with my boys!

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