Tuesday, March 1

Caleb 9 months pictures

Last week we took Caleb to get his picture taken at JCPenneys. I think they did a great job this time with their pictures. Unfortunately, Caleb was teething with a runny nose and hurting gums so his smile isn't as big as usual, but I got a few cute shots! Although is wasn't my absolute favorite picture, a got the second pose as a 10x13 to hang on our wall. He is smiling and it is a snapshot of his development at this time in his life, about to take off crawling. Plus, he looks so grown-up in his polo shirt and blue jeans!
We brought along Caleb's fire truck and his book for the picture. One of Caleb's favorite toys and it matched the fire truck shirt so well! I love the 2nd pose, his little bare feet and him holding on to his truck! I am just so in love with these big blue eyes!

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Random Thoughts said...

Wow, that second blue shirt is really his color! Can't wait to see you all next week.