Thursday, March 31

Not Again...

Last night I was home with the boys waiting for Scott to get home from work.
I was getting the boys ready for our bed-time routine with bath-time and everything else, nothing out of the ordinary.

In throwing away a pretty stinky diaper,
I realized our trash cans were still at the street and decided to bring them in.
Brendan (being the ever curious toddler who wants to be in the middle of everything mommy does) began to follow me outside and I instructed him to stay in the house.

But as I go to bring the cans in,
Brendan is standing in the doorway with the door open and with Caleb,
also trying to follow me, and now screaming/crying.
I can just see it now,
Brendan runs off,
the heavy garage door slams on Caleb.

Deciding to be the muti-tasking mommy,
I pick Caleb up and carry him
since I really only need one hand to bring in empty trash cans.
Brendan (of course) follows.

As I tell him (yell at him?) once more to get back in the house,
I go to open the door…
Brendan has locked us out.

I ever-so-calmly walk to the front door.
I had of course locked the deadbolt
since I was home alone with the boys.

Locked out.
This is the 3rd time in a month…
you would think I would learn!

No keys.
No phone.
Just me and the boys.

Oh, and did I mention Brendan is naked?
Butt Naked.
Nothing on but little white socks.
(It was bath time remember?)

I remind myself that at least Caleb is in my arms
and not locked inside the house.
I look around, Scott should be home fairly soon.

Nicely placed in our garage is the rocking chair,
removed from Caleb’s room when the in-laws came to visit.
So I have a seat.
Now what to do with Brendan’s bare-bum so our neighbors don’t think I’m a terrible mother.
For some reason (not quite sure why)
there are a pair of 2T shorts lying on the ground.
At least his private areas are covered and our garage is now a G rating again.

So we sit.
And wait.
Brendan finds a baseball and practices his overhand pitching,
just in time for baseball season.
Daddy would be so proud.

Scott pulls up about 15 minutes later with the most confused look on his face.
“Why are you just sitting outside on a rocking chair while our son runs around without a shirt on?”
Because I thought,
It’s a Tuesday night,
I have nothing better to do.
Let’s just sit outside until Daddy gets home.
It should be fun!"

At least I haddn’t started the bath water yet…


Carolyn Cummings said...

Hilarious:). Glad everything worked out okay!

Brenda said...

I can't stop laughing. And what is so wrong with a little boy not wearing a shirt.

She-Davis said...

I just laughed really hard at work :) Thank you for a good start to a long day! I hope April brings you less locked-out-edness

Random Thoughts said...

I would definitely miss the laughs provided by your escapades, but maybe a key hidden outside?

Shanda said...

Love this! Love you! Let's do a phone date soon????