Tuesday, March 22

While the cats away the mice will....play?

Last week I was gone for a conference at work. We left early Saturday morning, and I left my two little boys home with Daddy (and Grandma & Grandpa) for the week. In preparation for my absence, I left them with easy meals to cook for the week, a daily schedule (3 ½ pages long) of instructions and the boys routine, enough frozen breastmilk and ice cubes of baby food to last the week and a few emergency numbers, just in case. Nothing I could have done would have prepared them for the week they had.

Scott told me on Sunday afternoon that the boys, especially Caleb had just been off since I left. I figured the boys were off their routine, nap-time was messed up and they were just missing their mom. But on Monday, it was obviously more than just missing mom. Caleb threw up a few times, Scott immediately called the doctor on call, which luckily was our own doctor. They were told that if he throws up again, they needed to go to ER/Urgent Care. Sure enough, not long after, Caleb throws up again. (You can imagine how this mama felt over 1,000 miles away in another state, this was the first time I had left Caleb and here they are in the Urgent Care.) The Urgent Care doctor diagnosis him with an ear infection and prescribes two medications.

The next day Scott knows something is not right another call to the doctor and they decide to bring him in for a visit on Tuesday morning. Our doctor takes one look at him and quickly checks his ears and tells us he does NOT have an ear infection (there was $30 wasted), Caleb has “gastroenteritis” (stomach virus, our doctor always uses technical terms that sound much worse than they are). It is very common, very contagious, and usually passes after a few days. However, a small percentage a babies get this and refuse to eat or drink. Hello, Caleb. He gave Grandma until 3:30 to try and get liquids down him. After struggling with a ten month old all day to try and eat in any way possible, including an eyedropper, a defeated Grandma calls the doctor back and they figure most likely Caleb will be admitted to the hospital.

I was holding it together pretty well all day Tuesday until I get the call that he is going to be admitted, I almost lose it. I know he was in good hands, we love our doctor and trust him, Scott was there and is a great dad, especially with the help and support of his parents…but as a mom far away, it was hard.

Caleb was finally admitted to the hospital late Tuesday night and after searching, pricking and holding down a screaming baby for almost 2 hours, he was hooked up to an IV and receiving fluids. Scott stayed the night at the hospital with Caleb on Tuesday night and most of Wednesday. Although exhausted, he makes it to his meeting at work Wednesday afternoon and my mother-in-law stays with Caleb at the hospital.

Although I know that Caleb is in good hands, I am very anxious to get home. Luckily we had an easy flight back to California. My boss’ parents kindly pick me up from the airport at 9:00 at night and take me straight to the hospital where I am finally able to hold my sick baby (and send my MIL home to get some sleep).

As I am in the hospital, I can tell Caleb is already feeling a bit better. I am told that after being tested, it was confirmed that he has Rotavirus, extremely contagious among children. After spending 5 days in Seattle away from my kids, this was the homecoming I received.

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