Monday, February 28

1st Tooth!

After my blog post on Friday about Caleb not yet breaking a tooth yet, I was feeding caleb his cereal for breakfast on Saturday, and low and behold...a tooth! I actually had a feeling that one was comming through. He has been having a watery/runny nose all last week and was VERY cranky on Friday, Marion told me that he wouldn't nap at all on Friday and my mom noticed that Claeb had a slight fever on Thursday when we picked him up.

I mentioned to Marion on Friday afternoon that I thought he might be teething. She disagreeed saying that wasn't the problem because he was eating fine, just cranky and not sleeping well. But there it is, one little tooth poking through the skin!

It just goes to show you that I mother knows her child. 2 1/2 years of Mother's intuition is stronger than 42 years of childcare experiance!

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