Thursday, February 17

Caleb KEYS

Keys to Mommy's heart...

My boys defiantly have the "Keys" to mommy's heart. When Brendan was about the age of Caleb, my best friend bought me this onesie which I just adored. (Look back to see Brendan in the same onesie.)

They Defiantly brothers:



Biggest difference at this age is that Caleb's smile is much bigger, much more "smiley" and happy baby. And I didn't really realize it until comparing pictures, but Caleb is defiantly chunkier than Brendan was!


Brenda said...

Yes. Caleb does smiles with his whole face. They are definitely brothers. Caleb has his Daddy's eyes, Brendan has his Mom's. Different mouth also.but not sure who they resemble. Same hair.(or lack of) But both boys are so adorable.

Kevin and Bekah said...

Caleb has Rachel's mouth and lips - HUGE!