Saturday, February 26

Caleb is Walking!

Okay, not quite by himself, but we are defiantly, getting closer! We are experimenting, discovering, and working up to the big day!

A few evenings ago when my parents were visiting, Caleb was playing with a car at Aunt Bekah's house. He was able to pull himself up and push the car, my dad quickly pulled out his phone to catch it on video. This was the first time he was successfully able to push a toy around. I think it helped that the toy obviously had wheels and kept rolling away from him on the slick tile, and it forced him to walk to keep up, but he now has the concept!

Just a quick, 31 sec video that Dad was able to get on his phone. Enjoy my growing, developing baby!

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Random Thoughts said...

Walking and a tooth!!! This is Caleb's week for sure.