Wednesday, February 16

Remembering Disneyland

So I know I talk about our Disneyland trips a lot, but when you have little ones, each trip marks feels like the first time as develop and discover new things with each visit.

Disneyland has been our place. We spend many dates there, Scott proposed there, we even went close to my due date with Brendan with Scott’s hope of delivering at Disneyland and having passes for life (a rumor we have heard and thought it would be fun).

Brendan is beginning to share our excitement and love for all things Disney. This last trip is the first time that I think he is actually remembering Disneyland. We took the boys on Sunday, January 23rd. Since then almost every day (maybe every other day) Brendan will begin the conversation:

“I fun at Disneyland”
Me – “Oh? You had fun at Disneyland?”
B – “Yeah. And gicky (Mikey) house”
(This is where I now repeat everything he says or he will sound like a broken record until I acknowledge him)
“…and Dale’s house… ” (Chip and Dale’s Tree House)
“…and Donald’s boat…”
"...and slide..."
“…and Choo-choo train…and tracks…”
“…and monsters and doors…” (Monsters Inc.)
“…and cars…”
“…and dolder-doaster…” (this one took me a bit to figure out what he was saying, he went on his first “roller-coaster” with Daddy!)
"...and turn..." (not sure if he is talking about the turns on the ride, or that he had to wait his turn to get on the ride, or something completely different. Not sure how his mind works all the time.)
“…I fun at Disneyland!”

I love that these memories are forming in his little mind and that he continues to talk about it. As you can tell, his favorite part of the day was Toon-Town. I think we might take him back again this weekend since he loves it so much!

Here are some pictures to go with the story!

Mickey's House:

Meeting Mickey:
(this is the first time we hugged Mickey instead of clinging to Daddy's leg)
Caleb Just wanted to eat Mickey's nose,
but Brendan insisted that Caleb needed to meet Mickey,
"Caleb's turn!!"
Mickey's Car:
The playground at Goofy's House:
And the famous first Roller-Coaster ride, with lots of turns!
(you may have to click on the picture to make it bigger but you can see Brendan & Scott in the second to last car. Brendan enjoyed himself but wasn't ready to go back on right away.)

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