Tuesday, February 15

Our Valentine Plans

Valentine's Day has never really been a big deal for me and Scott. And once you have kids, it pretty much gets thrown out the window.

From the time the store start putting out the red & pink hearts the beginning of January my husband constantly reminds me "I hate valentine's Day". It is defiantly a constant reminder not to expect anything or talk about plans for the day.

Usually he will end up doing something, giving me a card and usually a few flowers, but never anything extravagant.

Looking back at our relationship, I remember our very first Valentines Day together, I tried to do something special, but it just didn't turn out and after I realized how much he hated the "holiday" I gave up.

Don't get me wrong, I am not bitter or upset. I have never been a really huge fan of the holiday anyway. Growing up, my mom used to try and make it special with serving pink malt-o-meal and strawberry milk for breakfast, little valentines in our lunches, we would pick out the cards and exchange them at school.

My worse Valentine's day was probably my junior year of high school when I actually had a boyfriend. I never really knew what to give a guy in high school, but this boyfriend got me this embarrassing large display of a dozen red roses and gave them to me in front of everyone...we had barely started dating.

This Valentine's Day we didn't really discuss doing anything until the night before, then again on the day of while I was still at work. Chili's had a Valentine Day special, but with money the way it was, we decided to not spend any money, but to just stay in instead.

It was actually a nice evening. Scott made hamburgers for dinner for us, we spent time as a family, sent the kids to bed a tad bit early, and just enjoyed each other...and a history channel special on Chocolate.

It was nice, easy and simple, but nice.


Tawni said...

Sounds like my kind of night. We are not huge fans of Valentine's day either.

She-Davis said...

I have to admit I was pretty happy to find out Justin cared for Vday as little as I do... makes things easier. Birthday, Anniversary, and Christmas are enough for me! Boys are too hard to get 'gifts' for unless I want to get him a video game all the time haha!

Rachel said...

I completely agree, I hate buying little gifts for Scott unless he has speciafically mentioned somehting that he wants (usually a new video game!) I like to just do cards that say how I fell, I'm a big fan of Halmark! It's nice to know we aren't the only ones not celebrating.

Erin said...

We aren't very big on Valentine's Day either. We actually went to Chili's for their special with Ethan.