Wednesday, October 14

Ready or not...Here we go!

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Friday, September 11, 2009
Last night after putting Brendan to bed, Scott and I cuddled into our bed to watch some TV together. As we were getting ready I realized that I was on day 35 of my cycle and I hadn't started yet. "That's Strange," I thought to myself, but quickly dismissed the topic in my mind. I typically go about 31-33 days so I wasn't that worried and I wasn't experiencing pregnancy symptoms like I did with Brendan (or so I thought).

When I mentioned to Scott what day I was on, he insisted that I take a test. I had a couple pregnancy tests under the counter, just in case, that I had picked up from Big Lots for $1.90 for 2 tests. (A much better deal than Target where they go for $10-$20 for 2.) I had gone to the bathroom twice already in the past hour so the chances of the cheapo pregnancy test being able to determine if I was pregnant with what little pee I had in me at the end of the day was slim. But I tried anyway to appease my husband.

I was absolutely shocked at the results. There they were staring straight at me, two little pink lines. "It must be a mistake! I don't feel pregnant!" I tried again this morning, just in case, with the "First Morning Pee". Yup, Pregnant.

Scott is excited, I am nervous. I thought I was ready but when I saw those dainty little lines staring at me, I freaked out. Am I ready for this? My boss is going to freak! Can we afford another one?

My husband gently reminded me that God wouldn't hand us something we weren't able to handle. We discussed having another one, I just didn't expect it right now. I am excited. Scared, but excited. We are happy to have our kids close in age to one another and look forward to the blessings of our little one.

Your prayers for our family are greatly appreciated during this new and exciting time in our lives.


Elizabeth and Brandon said...

Yay I'm so excited for you guys! You make such cute babies.

oemaurer said...

Congratulations Rachel! That's great! Your hubby is right...God is never out of little suprises but he's thankfully also never out of the means to handle those little surprises. Two are definitely more fun than one, but enjoy your singleton while you have the chance. One is SOOOOO much easier than two! "Double your pleasure double your fun! "

Anonymous said...

What? What? How come I didn't know? :)

She-Davis said...

Wow! Us too!! I'm due June 1st

John and Alisha Stults said...