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Week 6 - getting sick

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Today I am 6 weeks pregnant. It has now been one week since our surprise on Thursday night. Poor Scott is having such a hard time keeping his secret, he wasn’t very good at it last time but has done fairly well this time. Every morning he asks if he can tell people yet. So far we have kept it to ourselves. Currently my sister is out of town so we (I) am waiting for her to get back so I can tell her first. Then we will tell our parents and I’m sure the news will fly like crazy. I’m not sure when I want to tell my work. This time doesn’t seem like such a big deal as the last one. With the second, things are just a bit different so I don’t think it needs to be so suspenseful. However, I don’t want to tell everyone at work and then lose the baby, I just don’t think I would deal with that very well. But we probably won’t wait too long.

I went to my Doctor on Tuesday, she had me take a blood test to confirm that I was pregnant (for insurance purposes she said). Then she referred me to an OB-GYN. I wasn’t very happy with my last OB, so I requested a new one. I meet him on Tuesday at 9:30 am for the first time. Unfortunately, Scott isn’t able to make my first appointment. I know it was hard for him since he went to every single appointment with Brendan, this semester he is a lot busier and won’t be able to attend as many. I’m thinking that my due date will be May 15th, but I’m sure the doctor will give me an official date we can use.

I started feeling sick yesterday. Before yesterday I found myself more hungry than usual. I started packing healthier lunches. Popcorn instead of chips, blueberries, edemame, bananas, apples, avocado, string cheese, yogurt, ect. I have been eating a lot yesterday, but I have been following a pregnancy diet recommendation where I have been really trying to get all my fruits & veggies in my diet. But then yesterday hit. Nothing sounded good to me, I could barely get my yogurt down for breakfast. This morning I felt really bad which made my morning with Brendan that much harder. I thought I was going to throw up all morning, but I haven’t yet. We’ll see how the weekend goes. Scott has been pretty understanding. He let me take a nice long nap on Sunday, but I am just tired all the time.

I think I have rambled on long enough. For now this is my update. I hope to feel better next week, but I’m pretty certain I will probably feel worse. Here’s to pregnancy! I’m just hoping it sticks right now!

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John and Alisha Stults said...

I've heard that Preggo Pops work with morning sickness. I guess they have ginger in them so they help to settle your stomach. Did you have any morning sickness with Brendan? Maybe whatever helped then with help with this little one. Wishing you a speedy trip through the morning sickness phase!