Monday, October 19

Pregnancy Memories

Since I am now starting my second pregnancy, I thought I would jot down some of my memories from the first pregnancy with Brendan. All 42 weeks of them! Form the beginning, to the end.
  1. 10/27/07 - Taking a pregnancy test on Saturday morning. I spent all day with a friend from work at a scrapbooking convention (with baby stickers and baby stuff all over) and didn’t tell anyone, my husband spent a couple hours with new friends with a baby and told them right away. So much for our secret.
  2. 11/07/07 - Scott letting it slip to his mom on the phone, I never get to surprise her in a cute way, she was excited anyway!
  3. 11/19/07 - My first day of “Real” morning sickness. I woke up at 5:00 in the morning feeling so sick. It was the day we were to leave for our cruise, and the day I was to tell my parents. Scott went to the Grocery store at 5:00 in the morning to pick me up some ginger ale and soda crackers.
  4. 11/19/07 - Telling my parents over dinner on the cruise, we wrapped up two bibs. “I love Grandma” and “I love Grandpa” they were VERY surprised!
  5. My husband monitoring my caffeine intake during the course of the pregnancy, he would barely allow me to have any; I had to sneak my colas!
  6. 12/01/07 - Leaning over the toilet, sick and realizing I had not cleaned it in a while. I took out the toilet brush and scrubbed the toilet before sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for the sick feeling to go away.
  7. 12/14/07 - Announcing the news to my office. I think that some of the girls in my office were more excited than some of my friends.
  8. Craving Jell-o and goldfish like crazy!
  9. 03/07/08 - Crying when I found out our baby was a boy. I was not sure what to do with a boy, but somehow I knew all along what he would be. Scott was so excited; he said he prayed for a boy! Now I can't imagine not having a boy!
  10. February - Feeling Brendan really kick (feeling it on the outside) for the first time while leaving work for the day and calling my mom right away.
  11. 04/25/08 - Camping while 6 months pregnant, Scott was afraid for me to climb rocks, I had fun, sleeping was pretty difficult though!
  12. All the Sleepless nights! Tossing and turning, and of course, getting up to pee every couple of hours. Everyone told me it was preparing me for the sleepless nights when the baby came, but I think it was worse!
  13. 05/17/08 - Scott graduating with his Master’s degree! (110 weather) but we were proud!
  14. 05/18/08 - My baby shower my sister threw for me. As hot as it was that day, it was great!
  15. 06/16/08 - My last day of work. Then just waiting.
  16. 06/22/08 - Realize my fingers were too swollen to wear my wedding ring anymore.
  17. 07/02/08 - Walking the mall on my Due date to try and induce labor. Instead seeing a girl from my birthing class that was due after me…with her newborn.
  18. My mother coming to visit and helping me with all the last minute baby details, like scrapbooking, starting the Baby Book, cleaning, cooking, she was wonderful!!
  19. 07/04/08 - Walking to get Donuts on the 4th of July (2 days after my due date) only to realize it was a lot further than we thought. And it was July meaning 106+ degrees outside.
  20. Walking pretty much anywhere and everywhere…
  21. My grumpy days when I did not want to get out of bed.
  22. 07/05/08 - Eating a salad said proven to induce labor. Don’t try it, it is gross and doesn’t work!
  23. 07/13/08 - My first real contraction on Sunday, 11 days past my due date….

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