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Week 8 - 1st Doctor Visit

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Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Today I am 8 weeks along. I know I missed last week for the 7 week mark, but not much happened and I didn’t get to see my doctor like originally planned. Some here is some quick (or not so quick) updating points for those of you who care:

  • I did finally get to see my doctor, I chose a new OB for this pregnancy since I wasn’t really happy with the outcome with my last OB's office. Hopefully this one turns out better.
    o Had my first appointment at 4:15 on Monday, 9/28.
    o Showed up at 3:55 to complete all the new paperwork.
    o Finally was called back at 4:51 for my appointment.
    o Had to pee in a cup (which was good because I really had to go.
    o Got my “starting” weight, since I don’t have a scale at home. It was a little more than I was expecting/hoping for. Guess I didn’t lose as much of the Brendan baby weight as I thought.
    o Actually met the Doctor at the first visit. I like him, an older gentleman, but he seems really nice and knowledgeable.
    o Was giving my EDD (Expected Due Date) of 05/15/2009, exactly what I thought it was, a little afraid to tell my boss of the date!
    o Was given a prescription for Prenatal vitamins, blood work paperwork, my next appointment (10/26/2009) and my first Ultrasound (10/13/2009)! YAY for an early ultrasound!
    o Overall, appointment lasted about 15 minutes.

  • We have started to tell a few people. Our parents and some close family know (mostly Scott’s side since he isn’t great at keeping secrets and doesn’t understand why I want(ed) to. Our closest friends know (At least the closest ones that live near us) I still haven’t really called anyone out of town to tell them yet. Some friends are figuring it out based upon my change of diet. My sister guessed it right away after not seeing me for three weeks.

  • I haven’t told my work yet, although I think Scott told his, so I probably wont be able to keep it a secret for long, you know how those Baptist are when it comes to news…

  • Scott and I decided that we were probably going to keep this pregnancy somewhat low key. It is exciting, but very different than our experience with our first.

  • I am feeling more sick than before, so far everything has stayed down, but I still feel very weak and sick to my stomach too often than I would like.

  • The smells of the Trash can really make me sick, I make Scott take out the trash for me.

  • The thought of Zucchini Bread still makes me sick.

  • Scott has been very busy lately, which means that Brendan has to deal with a not-so-with-it mom recently.

  • Overall things are going well. Scott has been very supportive, like bringing me Ice Water in the evening because that seems to be the only thing that calms my stomach. We are both very excited to be expanding our family. I think it will feel more real to me when I actually see or hear the heartbeat. For right now I just feel like I have the flu and not pregnant. I still worry that when we go in for the u/s they will find an empty sack. I know that God is in control and he will carry us through whatever circumstances come our way. Thank you all for your love and support for us during this time. It is a very exciting time in our lives!

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