Thursday, October 1

Petting Sharks

Remember back in July when we took Brendan to the Aquarium? He really didn't get to experience much since he was sick and all. So last weekend, we packed up the car and Scott and I took Brendan back to the Aquarium of the Pacific with a Friend from Scott's Work, Shante.
It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy seeing Brendan experience life. He ran from tank to tank looking at the bright colored fish, feeling the different textures of the tide pools and watching the noisy birds (from the outside of the cage, Scott and I are too afraid of those crazy birds to go inside.

Although it is hard to tell what with Brendan being 14 months and all...but I think his favorite part was petting the sharks. For one, he got to put his hands in the water, which is always a plus for my kid, even washing his hands is exciting. Two, he got to spend time with Daddy reaching in to pet the sharks, and three, Hello! They are sharks! What kids wouldn't be excited?

Overall we had a nice afternoon. I love that Brendan can experience more and more as he grows and becomes more aware of the world around him. I love that we have family days to spend together out of the house, experiencing life together.

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