Monday, July 26

Brendan Turns 2!

Our little baby is no longer a baby... He is now 2 years old! To celebrate this major milestone in his short life, we have actually had 3 birthday parties!

Birthday Party 1:

Our first celebration for Brendan's birthday was on July 11th while in Idaho visiting Scott's Parents. The day before we left we had a small celebration. Scott's mom made a chocolate cake for Brendan and he got to open his presents. He received an Elmo shape matching game and a bubble blower-mower (although we haven't yet gotten the bubbles to work). Brendan calls his mower his "race car" and pushes it all over the house, the back yard, any where he can. A new favorite toy.

Brendan's 2nd Birthday - Take 2:

On Brendan's actual birthday, we were in Solvang at the end of our vacation. My mom bought Mickey birthday items which Brendan just loved! We had cupcakes, Mickey suckers, and all kinds of fun toys. My parents bought Brendan a Tool box so he can help daddy around the house and my brother got him a cute little outfit with a handyman on it. Surprisingly, Brendan really liked the shirt and asked to put it on after he opened it.

Brendan's Birthday Party (number 3):

On Sunday, we had Brendan's actual birthday party with his friends. We had a BBQ on Sunday afternoon and the kids had a blast playing outside. We had bubbles, a sprinkler, a kiddie pool, sidewalk chalk and all kinds of cars, bikes and other outside toys. The weather was nice but not too hot. I know Brendan had a great time.

We made a huge BBQ dinner, with way too much food. BBQ spare-ribs, pulled pork, chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, Mac-and-cheese, watermelon, and sourdough bread. Too much food, but it was a lot of fun.

We did cupcakes instead of cake with blue sprinkles and a sour gummy banana on top (since the party was monkey themed. Brendan liked the banana, when I turned my back he stole mine off of my cupcake! Since this was his 3rd party, he understood the concept to blow out the candle, this was the first time he was actually able to blow it out on his own!

Presents were a lot more fun compared to last year! He really enjoyed his toys, were opened all of them and Brendan played with all his friends. Scott and I bought him a Tonka race track with extra cars, it's a good thing because the cars were a big hit with all the kids, they had difficulties sharing 10 cars between 4 of them. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Bekah bought him a tunnel and bubble machine that they let him open earlier so the kids could play outside with them before dinner. He also received a wagon with sand toys, a Handy Manny doll, and a Mickey Mouse tub toy. He really did love them all! It was so fun watching his excitement!

Caleb basically slept through the evening and was passed around a few times, he was as happy as could be.


Brenda said...

I sure am enjoying all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

Rachie, you look great for just having a baby 2 months ago!!! Kudos! Miss you! We need to talk sometime when things settle down a bit for you.

Rebukey said...

Nikole just had her first birthday and Rachel wanted that classic cake on the face picture. She actually wanted Nikole to get messy! Well, it didn't work out. Nikole wasn't that interested in the cake! Oh well, maybe when she's two she'll appreciate good food. :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Brendan!
Enjoy the cake!