Friday, July 23

Pool Time

After almost 4 weeks after Caleb was born, I was starting to go a little stir crazy from being in the house all the time and Scott still working. So when my parents came down to Southern California for Vacation in Indio (if you have ever been to Indio you will wonder who the heck vacations there…my parents). Although the heat was intense, I decided to tag along, there is air-conditioning and a pool so I figured it couldn’t be that bad.

Brendan of course had a great time, especially because he got to spend time with his “Unka Jon” I told my brother that he is Brendan’s favorite right now. I didn’t get any pictures of Brendan (luckily my mom sent me pictures to add) he had a wonderful time in the “water” and asked to go over and over again.

Caleb did some sun bathing while everyone else played in the water, he couldn’t have been happier. Less than a month old at his first trip to the pool.
You will also notice his wonderful onesie he is wearing with his initials on it. My friend Casey made it for him at my babyshower.

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Anonymous said...

Your parents vacation in Indio only because of air conditoning, pool and close to grandkids. Go figure