Wednesday, July 21

Back to Routine

Well my Maternity leave is over. Back to work, back to a schedule, back to routine, back to life. I must admit, it is nice to just have a "break" of sorts once in a while and do what you want, to an extent, but I am happy to be going back to my normal life.

With the return to "life" I am also returning to the blogging world, which I have really missed the past 10 weeks. I have so many thoughts of posts I wanted to do, updates to give, funny stories to share with many more yet to be experienced.

For now, we are all doing well, working back in a routine and starting a new routine at the same time. Caleb is growing like crazy and developing like you wouldn't believe, coo-ing and smiling just to melt your heart. Brendan is in his terrible-twos, yet a wonderful big brother. Just when you think you cant take it any more and you are going to go through the roof...he walks up and gives you a "big hug" and you just cant be mad any more. Scott was going crazy being on vacation and having life so unpredictable, so he is defiantly glad to be home and me back to work. Now he has time to "Schedule" his life away without interruption from me. As for me, I am enjoying my larger family and excited for all the adventures we will have together!

Enjoy the ride!


Tawni said...

I missed your blogs :)

Random Thoughts said...

Now my morning will be back to normal - seeing if there is a new blog!! Love to see my grandbabies and hear about your days.