Wednesday, July 28


Last night was probably the worst night for sleep that I have ever had. If not ever, at least in the past 2 years.

Brendan is now two. Which means he is starting to really test us and get into his “terrible twos.” With this new “stage” in his life as well as being on vacation for three weeks, his sleeping has been completely altered. Brendan has decided not to stay in his bed any more when we put him to bed. This has become such a challenge for us the past few days. We started last night about 7:30, knowing this was going to be a battle and we were hoping by 8:00 he would settle down and go to sleep. By 8:00, we decided perhaps he wasn’t tired and allowed him to sit on my lap for half an hour before starting again.

This may have set us back, but this is quite a challenge for us. As you may remember when we first transitioned to his own bed, it was a rather smooth transition and he would just stay in bed, never getting out unless you told him he could, this included getting up in the morning. I guess now his two-year-old mind has decided he can get out of bed whenever he wants.

By 9:30, after 2 ½ hours of this nonsense, I was in tears struggling to keep him in bed and to go to sleep. Scott told me to come to bed, and he closed our door. Brendan passed out from exhaustion I am assuming and went to sleep, in his bed. However, at 2:00 am, Brendan got his second wind, he came into our room, which woke up Caleb who decided he then wanted to eat. We put Brendan to bed, again. I fed Caleb. After I was done feeding Caleb (now 2:30), and Scott had put Brendan back to bed at least 4 times, I got up and took Brendan to bed once again. This time I stayed in his room to ensure he did not get up, assuming it would not be long before he went to sleep. I laid down on the twin bed in his room waiting. About every 10 minutes, I would hear “Mommy?” “Go to sleep Brendan.”

After what seemed like forever, I quietly went back to my own bed. As I look at the clock (now 4:00 am) I hear little footsteps following me. You have got to be kidding! Once again, I burst into tears, I’m tired, I’m stressed and I really need sleep! Scott puts Brendan back to bed again, and locks our door. We hear Brendan get up, try to open our door and start crying and knocking. I’m so frustrated, yet it breaks my heart to hear him knocking to get to us.

After 15 minutes of us ignoring his cries, he gives up and goes back to bed. I finally get back to sleep about 4:30/4:45. Morning came early as you can expect.

I’m not sure if it is the lack of sleep I have had lately, the hormones still out of whack, the return to work after my leave or what, but I have been on the verge of tears the past few days. I’m easily upset, exhausted when I get home from work and don’t have much of a desire to do anything.

Any advice from veteran parents? Scott thinks there is something wrong with Brendan, I’m pretty sure this is a stage that many children go through. Thoughts? Ideas? HELP!


Owen & Emily said...

Oh the fun times you're having! My encouragement is to discipline the first time and every time...even in the middle of the night. For us, we choose to spank Clara every time she gets out of bed, which usually works the first time. If she feels extra testy, and gets out again, we will take away all of her comfort items and spank. That stops all the maddness immediately. Even in the middle of the night if she gets out of bed, she gets a consequence, and it's the same every time. Be consistent and Brendan will figure out you mean business!

Bethany said...

I feel your pain. Delaney did the exact same thing. We just stuck with the same bed time every night and every time she got out of bed we would walk her back and put her back in bed and not say anything else other than good night. When she called for us we really didn't answer. It took a couple of nights for her to get it down and we still have issues every once in a while, but we keep the same pattern. I agree with Emily that you have to stay consistent with whatever you decide to do. I have heard some people put a baby gate up at the door, we never did that, but you might want to give it a shot if it means keeping him in his room.
Just don't let up. Keep your same routine. I believe in you.

k8elynne said...

It's a phase. I think...I'm still stuck in it.

Sam (almost 4) stays in bed the whole night now...although when I had Nathan, Sam was in that phase. There was about 6 months where I got a full night sleep all night before Nathan entered that phase.

We did the baby gate with Sam, which just made him scream louder. Nathan just wanders the house I'm too tired to get up most nights. He will come in my room and ask for milk. He's now in the routine to get in my bed and sleep with me once John leaves for work.

Just remember, its a phase. It's the joys of parenthood. I've struggled many days off a few broken hours of sleep. You'd be amazed how many of us there are out there.

Rebukey said...

I'm so sorry for you. And since I don't have any kids I asked my mom. With five children I guess this brought back some memories because after I read her your post she talked for like 5 minutes! She suggested putting a lock on his door. And I don't know how you feel about spanking, but she said to give one warning then follow up with the discipline.
Here's a >:D< from me!