Saturday, July 24

Pictures of Caleb

One of the problems of not blogging for 10 weeks overload of pictures!

Are you all ready? You will be so sick of seeing my kids by the end of this...well, except for Grandmas, I have a feeling they never get sick of my pictures! :) So if for no one else, I will post the pictures for them!
Starting with Caleb. My friend Janelle came over when Caleb was still brand new and took a bunch of pictures for me! I was so excited since I didn't get any of these type of pictures with Brendan. I think she did such a wonderful job that I had to share her work (and my adorable kid) with all of you!


Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

He is so cute! Can't wait to meet him! I saw that you were in Sacramento for a short visit a few weeks ago. It was probably crazy busy! Next time you're in town I'd love for you to meet Ethan and to meet Caleb.

Tawni said...

Rachel I'm not Brendan or Caleb's grandma but I love seeing pictures of your adorable little ones so keep them coming :)

Random Thoughts said...

Those pictures from your friend are amazing - I expected to see Caleb in a teapot or something like those perfessional ones in books! Give my grandsons a kiss from me and tell Brendan his grandpa sure misses him out in the backyard throwing discs.