Wednesday, September 1

Baby Curls & Boy's short hair

In May, I took Brendan to get his hair cut at one of those fancy children’s salons.
It was such a cute little shop, bright colors, a jeep for him to sit in while they cut his hair, a little toy when he left, and it was discounted price for Toddler Tuesday. The problem was, they did not really cut his hair. She trimmed it a little, I told her that it was too long, it curled in the back and tangled easily. So she trimmed a little on the top and very little from the back. When she was done, I asked if she could trim it more, she stared at me with a blank look and asked, “Where do you want it shorted?” Umm…All over! But Brendan was getting fussy at this point and I could see she didn’t really know what she was doing cutting a toddler boys hair.

That was when I decided I was done paying other people to cut my sons hair, I just couldn’t afford for other to cut it just short enough that I would have to be back in 2-3 weeks to get it done again. (To give you an idea, I only pay to get my haircut about every 9 months to a year.) I certainly was not going to pay for my son to get a haircut 17 times a year.

Son in July, when it was well past time for Brendan to get a haircut. Soctt said he didn't like how long Brendan's hair was for a little boy, too many people still thought he was a girl. It was time for a "man's haircut!" So Scott and I pulled out the clippers and did it ourselves!
Brendan was less than thrilled with the process.

And in the end, I lost my baby, those long curls on the back of his head are gone, and in their place I have a handsome boy (with tangle free hair I might add).

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