Saturday, September 25


While dating, we never sat down to a football game, never went to a sporting event, never even talked about the score of a game or favorite teams even though we don’t pay attention.
But our first year of marriage Scott made friends with Baseball fans. Much to my dismay (as I was not raised on sporting events other than my brothers AYSO soccer games) Scott began to become interested in sporting events again. This interest from his childhood that had become dormant was now very much active. Like a volcano, suddenly he was bursting with a desire to watch and follow baseball. At first, I thought this was just a phase, “It will be over soon” I thought/hoped “then life will resume as normal.”

Life was never normal again! :) Baseball season lasted longer than I ever would have thought (April – October not counting spring training). Therefore, we became Angel fans. It turned out to be fun, something we could share together. We went to games, picked favorite players, talk about the score and just enjoy this activity together.

3 years ago Scott started becoming friends with football fans…This is where I draw the line! I hate football; I was putting my foot down. We will NOT follow football, we will NOT become USC fans, baseball is my limit! I don’t like football, I don’t understand football, I spent too many Friday nights sitting on the bleachers in a marching band uniform watching football games that I did not understand drag on.

I resisted. Scott hung out with our friends to watch the USC games without me. Once in a while I would come just to hang out with the girls but I was NOT there to watch football. They would try to explain football to me saying the reason I did not like it was that I did not understand it. I have given in (slightly). My husband watches college ball on Saturdays and I will sit on the floor and craft or do other things while somewhat watching the game.

Today, Scott’s dad is coming over all day to watch football with his son and see his grandkids. I plan to leave the house most of the morning, but know that I will end up watching football with them for some of it. *sigh* I give up.

But I defiantly will NOT watch Nascar, that is final!


Casey said...

Ok. So I would say sorry about getting you into football (even if my influence was minor), but I am glad that you come along when we do all get together to watch. We need to do that SOON! Besides, at least football season (college) is shorter than baseball. And I totally will back you up on the NASCAR point. I'm right there with you!

Tawni said...

Really? I was totally thinking about getting into NASCAR ... you mean you won't join me? :)