Wednesday, September 15

Caleb 3 month pictures

Wow, I am really bad at blogging this year. I could blame it on the kiddos, or stress at work, or the fact that my "spare time" is sparse. But if I was honest, the real reason would be that I just haven't done it. Call it procrastination, call it lack of drive, but either way, I have been slacking. I will try harder (must husband reminds me that when you say you will try, you are allowing yourself to fail.) Either way, lets move on!

Caleb is almost 4 months old! 17 weeks! Crazy how fast the time goes! We went to JCPenney a couple weeks ago and took his 3 month pictures. 3 months is not really my favorite age to take photos. Newborn they are fairly moldable to the pictures you want, and 6 months they are sitting up and able to look cute. 3 months is somewhat of an awkward stage, the hold up their head pretty well, but they just lay there. They are learning to smile but have multiple chins while doing so. Baby acne is still somewhat present, baby is fidgety and not very cooperative and the pictures just never turn out as cute as I would want. Don't get me wrong, I think my child is simply adorable, these pictures just never show what I see in my baby.

Nevertheless, 3 months is the tradition, and so here you are:

More updates to come...I promise!


Brenda said...

All of these are adorable. He took great pictures.

Random Thoughts said...

The pictures are GREAT!! Made me tear up for sure. I think Caleb at three months could beat out any old six monther.