Thursday, September 30

Fitness Challenge

I have reached the point in my post-pardum cycle in which I have decided it is time to lose the baby fat. I am in full acknowledgment that it is not all due to the baby. Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth. I almost always have candy in my desk drawer at work (in fact, as I type this I have a Hershey's bar staring at me, sending subliminal messages "EAT ME").

When Scott went back to work, he decided that he was going to get into a routine, eat healthier, and go to the gym before work. I began to feel slightly guilty for my bowl of ice cream sitting in front of me. but working out or going to the gym is difficult for a mother of two. With Brendan, I always used the excuse that I had no one to watch the baby while I went to the gym.

Along came the CBU Fitness Challenge. What it really provides is an opportunity for a Kinesiology student to gain internship credit by leading a fitness course to Staff on campus. However, it also provides an opportunity for staff to join a fitness course in their place of work and get back in shape. The class meets twice a week for 1 hour each day. At the end of the semester we will be tested to see how much we have improved.

I had no excuses for this one. My Childcare provider offered to watch the boys for the additional time with no extra charge while I do the class. Scott agreed to join me so I have some accountability and company. This is our second week of the course and already I feel sore. But I know that it is healthy for me. It is also a reminder to eat better. Of course I still eat my sweets, but I focus more on water instead of soda, I pack my lunch in the morning instead of buying fried food from the On Campus cafe, and I don't eat nearly as much dessert as before.

My goal: First, to gain my ab muscles back (which my husband does not believe me when I say I was unable to use my ab muscles while pregnant, he doesn't understand why I have no strength in my abs anymore and just says "wow you're really out of shape aren't you" Thanks hunny). Second, to lose 5-10 more pounds. And Third, to just feel better about myself.

We will see how I feel in December when the course is over!


Brenda said...

Does this mean I have to cook healthy while you are here. What am I going to do with all the cookies in the freezer.

Rebukey said...

How's this going for you?