Wednesday, September 29

Brendan and the Puppies

Remember these cute little puppies my sister got a couple years ago for Christmas?

They were so cute! They loved to sit in your lap, and they were so playful...
Now...they aren't so little...

But still like to sit on your lap, very lovable and still love to play!

You know who else likes to play?
Especially with the puppies.
It doesn't matter that they are the same height as he is, he runs back and forth across the back yard chases them, being chased by them. He loves the puppies.

The other day we were at Aunt Bekah & Uncle Kevin's house and I see Brendan "helping" the boys with their water bowl.

There was Brendan standing there holding the boys water bowl up so they could drink out of it. And they were! They wouldn't touch the stale water just sitting the ground by itself, but as soon as Brendan held it in his hands, they were happy to slurp it up!

Brendan also likes to hand feed them their dog food when it is out, and they are more than pleased to be hand fed!

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