Tuesday, September 28

THAT mom

I am now THAT mom. The one with the "double wide" stroller that walks around talking to herself.

Okay, maybe not doublewide, but double long....

I know that when having two children close in age, it is expected to have a double stroller. And believe me, I defiantly did my homework when looking at double strollers.

***Looking back 5 months***
There I stood in the middle of Babies R us very much pregnant. By myself with a toddler just staring at the wide variety of double stroller options. I had registered for a stroller, but did I really want that one? Was there I better option. I took each one off the shelf, and while 9 months pregnant folded each one up, picked it up to feel the weight, strapped Brendan in and out of each one, took a car seat similar to mine at home, and buckled it in and out. Then stood and contemplated each one.

"This one is smaller" "But this one is prettier" did I want a side-by-side? Front-to-back? Sit-n-stand? Umbrella style? Jogging stroller? So many options! So many decisions! Finally, I ended with the double stroller I had originally registered for. It was veritable, plain, light (relatively speaking) easy to fold/move, and converted to a sit-n-stand as my children get older.

I am very happy with my purchase, we use it all the time! It is quite convenient as it holds Caleb's seat and has a nice seat for Brendan to see where we are going. I use it for shopping the mall, taking a walk to the park, our family vacations, even a quick trip into Target. And yes, I am the crazy mom that talks to herself. But luckily, I can disguise it as talking to my children! There defiantly are some perks to parenting!

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