Wednesday, May 6

Cleaning Lights

Since we bought a house that was a foreclosure, the previous owners did not leave the house very clean to say the least. The kitchen was the worst of all.

When we looked at the house we noticed that all the floorboards were taken off, but weren't sure exactly why. My dad figured out once we got in the house the reason. Apparently, the house was previously infested with roaches, GROSS! Luckily, all bugs were dead when we moved in, but we had to clean up all the dead bugs and their traces they left behind.

The kitchen was filled with bugs, we cleaned all the shelves and drawers, and yet I still find them around. The kitchen is filled with grease that has gotten on everything. The cabinets above the stove were so sticky with residue that after scrubbing them over and over with different high-powered chemicals, they are finally livable (still a little sticky).

Scott and I are almost all unpacked with the kitchen and have it almost all clean. This weekend, Scott noticed the lights in the kitchen had some dust on them and tried to wipe it off. Only to discover that it wasn't just dust. The lights are COVERED in grease and dust and bugs. We originally thought the lights were frosted glass. Come to find out, it is actually suppose to be clear!

That is so disgusting! Well, now at least that part of the kitchen does look better! You can see why now I have waited before showing you pictures of the inside of our house. I want you to see the nice, pretty version! And not the bug filled, greasy version....

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Shanda said...

But before and after shots are so fun!