Friday, May 1

Crib Recall

I know that this happens to hundred of people every year. But I never expected it to happen to me! Who really expects it to happen? I saw the signs, I should have seen it coming.

My Baby Crib was recalled.

The press release:
And here is Brendan this morning sleeping peacefully in his crib...

The crib was given to me at my Baby Shower by my Office. I had noticed when I tried to move the crib or slightly push on the rails to pull myself up off the floor that I would hear a crack, but I didn't think much of it, just "I better be careful so I don't break the crib." What I should have thought was "wow that cracks really easily, I hope that it is safe for my baby who loves to kick everything!" But I didn't and just continued on my merry way.

My mother called me last night after seeing the recall on the news. I was frustrated, but wasn't all that surprised. Mostly mad.

The biggest pain is that we just took the crib completely apart, moved it to the new house, and put it back together. No we have to find a vehicle to borrow that is big enough to take the crib back to Babies R Us and then bring a new crib home, and figure out how to put that one together.

I guess it is worth it for the safety of my child!

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