Tuesday, May 19

Update on 10-months old

I did leave out a couple more of Brendan's achievements from the past couple months.

  • We think Brendan can now say "Mama" and what appears to be "Daddy" or "Dada" but it isn't always consistent
  • He waves bye-bye, but not always when you ask him to, only when he wants to.
  • He now has 3 teeth that have broken through, and 3 that we can see on their way, but they haven't broken the skin yet, it was a fun weekend with those teeth, let me tell you!
  • Brendan can move around with ease while standing and holding onto my legs, the couch, bookshelves, ect.
  • He has stood a couple times without holding on, but once you clap or are excited, he falls right onto him bum!
  • Brendan is actually a pretty independent eater. Not really picky, because he will eat anything, but only what he wants, sometimes he likes carrots, other times he wont even try a bite. - The one thing he will always eat are his Stars by Gerber. He loves those things!

Okay, I don't think I left anything out, if I did, it will just have to wait until 11 months for the update! Until then, I did capture Brendan's attitude on film last night while feeding him a snack, it is a little long (3 min 45 sec), but if you have time, enjoy!


Random Thoughts said...

He definitely knows how to shake his head no!

JT Reed said...

Love the bib

Kristy said...

You're talented. I can't figure out for the life of me how to post a you tube video on my blog.

Tawni said...

I think it is hilarious that he shakes his head no ... he definitely knows what he want. How many containers of stars do you go through in a month?

Rachel said...

We actually don't go through too many Stars, he only gets a few at the end of each feeding. He does love his Stars though!