Wednesday, December 16

17 months!

It is amazing to me that my little baby is now 17 months old. Walking, Talking, basically - no longer my baby! I scoop him up all the time, cradle him like a newborn and ask "Where is my baby!?" his response is to throw his head back and cackle at me.

We are having so much fun with him. Although I miss the times of sitting in a rocking chair with a sleeping baby in my arms, I love to chase him around the house, giggle laugh and explore. Everything is new to him, and it is so exciting for us during this age.

Last night, Brendan and I had a "date night". Although it probably wasn't really his choice of events for the night, we did some Christmas shopping. We first started at McDonald's, I can't believe how big my boy is getting, he wont even sit in the highchair anymore but wants his own seat.

Brendan loves his happy meal and was eating his hamburger all by himself. Mr. Independent wants no help eating his food, no even the yogurt Mommy shared with him. I love that McDonald's has more choices for a meal. I asked for sliced apples instead of French Fries, which Brendan will actually eat better than French fries, and I can take them with me for him to eat later, they also gave me a carton of milk instead of sugary soda. Brendan also gets a Preschool toy for 3 and under to play with instead of the older toy that typically comes with the meal. For my meal, I replaced the fries with a Yogurt Parfait which Brendan actually ate most of.

After we spent almost an hour at McDonald's eating, laughing and playing, we went to the Mall. Brendan was so well behaved and mom drug him from store to store doing Christmas shopping and finishing Daddy's stocking. It is times like last night that I will remember and treasure. I'm sure he has already forgotten it, but I hope to have days like that at least once a month that is just Brendan and Mommy, even after the baby is born.

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