Monday, December 14

Humanities & The Nutcracker

During my Sophomore year of college, I took probably one of my favorite series of courses. Humanities I & Humanities II. Although I loved the instructor and how passionate he would get about ROME! I think that it was more of my classmates and our take on the course that bring back such fond memories.

We took our very first test for the course, and didn't do so well. From then on, we decided to have a study group the night before the test. Our tests were always at 9:00 on Thursday mornings, so getting everyone together on Wednesday nights were a bit tough. Being the young college students that we were, went to the only logical place to study past 9:00 at night - Denny's. We would laugh so hard during these study sessions, surprisingly, we actually would remember quite a bit. I will never forget that Alexander the Great died (when Sam?) 323 BC. And Charlemagne was crowned king in 800 AD on Christmas Day (even though he didn't want to become King). From Flying buttresses, to the dates of import people, we would find some little quirk to remember the information. Sam was always the humor of the night, and we usually had to call him at 9:00 the next morning to tell him the test was starting and he wasn't here yet.

One of my favorite memories of the course was completing our Cultural Experiences. We had to visit 3 a semester. Our last one of the Fall semester was seeing the Nutcracker. I found cheap tickets for the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. My roommate Shanda, Karina, Sam & I all got dressed up to go see the ballet. As I called Sam that afternoon to remind him he needed to look nice, he said that he was ironing him pants and looking forward to it. But as we got in the car to head to Hollywood he tells us girls "Someone told me there is no talking during this thing, did you know that?" To this day, I still crack up at his surprise that we were taking him to see the Nutcracker, with no words, but pure music and dancing. It's a cultural experience Sam!

Every time I see the Nutcracker has come to town, I think about our night out. I looked for pictures of the evening, but couldn't find any. I'm really surprised that Shanda & I got dressed up and didn't take any pictures. But the memory of that night, still makes me smile.


Shanda said...

I have pictures!!! :) Not on the computer though, old school prints. There are pics of us in front of a giant hot dog and pics with our hands in Hollywood Stars. I'll have to try and find them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel, talk about great memories! I actually took a church history test and one of the questions was "When was Charlemage crowned king" and I still sing in my head, "On Christmas day in the moooorning" after that answer thanks to you;]

And Karina as the buttress...oh that was classic. It wasn't may fav class...but you, me, Jess, Karina and Jaquie easily...EASILY....the best study group of all time!

And I still remember Shanda trying to not laugh to loud in the Nutcracker when I asked when he comes back to life since I thought the Rat King killed him and the snow flake dancers were angels in heaven....

Oh college...:]

Rachel said...

Oh Sam, you still make me laugh!