Wednesday, December 2

Festival of the Trees

On Saturday after Thanksgiving, while we were still in Idaho, we went to Boise's Annual Festival of the Trees. We took our Niece, Elyse, with us before she moved to California. She loves spending time with Brendan, and Grandma & Grandpa wanted to see her as much as they could before she left. So we bundled up and went downtown. It was very enjoyable, even though we didn't get to spend as much time there as we would have liked.

There was many, many trees; all being auctioned off to raise money for community health care. Some of our favorites (or the ones Scott took pictures of anyway, were the Soda tree, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tribute to Michael Jackson, the Boise State tree with the Broncos, and the Wizard of Oz tree. I love that the tree is upside down!

We also were able to sit for a little bit and watch some performers. There were a dozen different ballet/Jazz/Hip-hop groups that came on and preformed of all ages. Brendan sat on my lap with his juice and watched them intensely for at least 20 minutes. After a while though, he got restless and it was time to move on.

Overall it was a very nice experience, I would love to go back and be able to see more, there was so much more to take in!

I also have to share that Brendan's cute little "Hunter Outfit" was purchased by my Aunt & Uncle (My dad's brother) last Thanksgiving in hopes that he could wear it by Christmas, my kid was so little that I was afraid he wouldn't ever get the opportunity to wear it. Luckily, it fit this Thanksgiving! A year later! That's one reason why I don't shop very much at Gap kids, the size 6-12 months is too large of a gap for me!

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