Tuesday, December 8

Single Parenting

I am very thankful that I am not a single parent, I have a loving husband that is going through this with me. Because of Scott's work schedule, I feel as though I take the brunt of the childcare at home, but I think that most women, when completely honest, will say the same thing.

Last week, Both Scott and I had "plans" (although not yet discussed with the other yet) to hang out with friends. Being that Mondays are on of the only nights in which Scott and I both have free, we don't get a lot of time to spend with friends. Scott graciously agreed to have his friend come over to our house to watch a movie so that Brendan could stay home with him instead of me taking him out in the cold. The girls and I went to Downtown Riverside to the Festival of Lights. (You can read about it on Jenni's Blog.) It was a really great time that we could just enjoy each other's company and walk around the lights of Riverside. As I drove home that night, I thought about how lucky I was to have a husband to share the workload. We both do laundry (especially now that it is in the house with us and we don't have to cart it up and down stairs with a timer set) we both do dishes, clean the house, take care of Brendan. It really is a team effort and I know I could not do it with out him.

Last night, The girls hung out again. We had dinner at Olive Garden, just the girls. Scott once again, watched Brendan so I could have a stress free meal with the girls. Because taking an active toddler to Olive Garden is not my idea of a fun night! In fact, I wouldn't go if I couldn't leave Brendan at home. Scott is lucky enough to have guy friends that understand he has a kid, and some with kids themselves. I am lucky enough to have a husband that understands, I need time alone too.

So Scott hung out with the guys and three kids, while I was able to hang out with 5 amazing girls. I feel so refreshed this morning. I am also reminded that even though I feel stressed with Brendan and the though of another on the way sometimes scares me, I know that I am not alone.

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Anonymous said...

That is so nice of Scott! I can only hope that I will find a man that takes care of me as well as he takes care of you! :)