Wednesday, December 9

Our Biggest Fight

Scott’s and my biggest fight with each other is probably about movies. Okay, it may not be our biggest fight, but I feel as though it is our most regular argument, and the one I am just not willing to budge on. I tell people that I used to love movies…until I got married. I will completely agree that I am very difficult to watch movies with. I get bored easily, I don’t like to pay the high price of Movie Theaters to sit through a movie (especially one that I don’t really want to see), and I don’t like to compromise. I enjoy comedies. Romantic Comedies especially, but most comedies I will watch. I can watch some action, if they are like the Italian Job, Oceans 11 and Gone in 60 seconds. Otherwise I tend to stay away from action Adventure, but you are more likely to get me to see that kind of movie than a suspense or thriller. I don’t like to be scared, and images stay with me years later. For example, I still have images from the Sixth Sense that creep me out, and I only saw that movie once back in 2002. I’m don’t like dramas either. I don’t really like to cry. And I hate when the good guy doesn’t win or doesn’t get the girl in the end, I want to happy ending. The argument of “real life doesn’t always have happy endings” doesn’t do it for me. I don’t watch a movie for real life, I watch it to be entertained.

My poor husband on the other hand, grew up on movies and going to the movie theater, and is always trying to convince me to open up and watch one of his movies. I avoid going to Blockbuster with him as much as possible unless we have the movie already picked out. Because walking up and down the movie aisles only causes fights. I want to watch the “chick flick” and he wants to watch the suspenseful action movie with guns and blood, explosions and thrills. And I just don’t compromise. My compromises are the comic-book movies. Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-men. Although I didn’t watch Wolverine with him and I won’t watch the batman movies either. I know he is called the black night, but his movies are too dark for me, it makes me uncomfortable. That could be why Scott is excited to have two boys when they get older, so he will have someone watch movies with him.

So that’s one area where I am not willing to change. I’m happy with my comedies. Anyone else have a similar fight where they know they very well could be wrong, but just isn’t willing to change?


Elizabeth said...

Brandon and I definitely have a lot of disagreements about what movie to watch, but I am not quite as restrictive in my movie preferences as you so we can usually agree on something. I am on your side about happy endings, though -- I rarely see a movie if I know it is going to be very dramatic or end badly.

Brenda said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

Batman is known as the Dark Knight. Women...jeeze.