Thursday, December 17

Voting on Names

Thank you all who voted on the name for our new baby. Evan James really seems to be the top pick with a vote of 65% (21 votes vs. 10). My pick of Brian James didn't make it with only 31%. It was fun seeing every one's response to our pick of names and what everyone else thought.

Although Evan James "won" we actually aren't going to be using either name! We really didn't want to settle on a name that the other person wasn't really happy with. We were fortunate with naming Brendan that we both loved the name. But this one was a little harder for us, I like the name Evan, but I'm not loving it. The same is true with Scott and the name Brian.

So, we have picked an alternative name that I think we both are very happy with. I'm going to leave you in suspense for a little longer! :) We go in for another Ultrasound next week where we will "officially" find out the sex of the baby. Because I originally found out so early, there is still a chance the baby is a girl (although I doubt it). So we will announce the name after the next ultrasound...Unless it is a girl, then we will probably have another month of discussing names since we have zero girl names picked out!

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