Thursday, December 10

Positives to Pregnancy

When I began this post I started a list of things that I don't like about being pregnant. About halfway through my list I realized that I have been pretty negative about this whole pregnancy thing and maybe I should start looking at things more positively. Plus, I know I'll be complaining at the end of my journey so I'll save the list for then! :) For now, let's stick to what I do like, in no particular order, other than what came to mind:
  1. The excuse to get out of some housework chores: "Hunny, can you take out the trash? The smell is really bothering me."
  2. Being able to cry at sappy chick flicks, Disney movies, or The Biggest Loser, you know whatever. I just blame it on the hormones!
  3. Wearing a new wardrobe that you know you will only be wearing for 6 months or so.
  4. Having an excuse to go shopping for new clothes!
  5. Not really caring what you eat, you are gaining weight anyway!
  6. Eating dessert.
  7. Feeling the movement of the baby, knowing there is life inside you.
  8. The little milestones and countdowns. It helps to have something to look forward to. The next trimester, the next ultrasound, the first real kick, starting maternity leave…
  9. Having state paid leave from work for at least 8 weeks. Not quite a vacation, but still.
  10. Watching people watch me trying to decide if I just have a beer gut, or if I am pregnant.
  11. Being able to have a bad day and be grumpy while people just blame it on you being pregnant.
  12. Being able to share this time with other pregnant women/friends, having that common bond to share.
  13. Having an excuse to eat odd food at odd times. I don’t know if I just wanted a pickle last night or if it is a craving…either way my husband got up to get it for me!
  14. Watching the progress and changes of your belly growing.
  15. Planning for the future of your family.
  16. Trying to teach an only child that his world is about to be turned upside down! So far, Brendan can say “Baby” when he touches mommy’s tummy. No idea what it means though.
  17. Having other people carry heavy objects for you.
  18. Sleeping surrounded with pillows.
  19. Finding out the sex and being able to call your baby by a name while planning for the arrival.
  20. Finally, Counting the days/months when you will get to meet this precious new baby and hold him in your arms.


Anonymous said...

#2 and #6 apply all the time for me and I'm not pregnant. :-)

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

What's the official name?