Wednesday, February 17

18 months pictures

I debated back and forth whether or not to get pictures done for Brendan at 18 months. I just had them doe for his 1 year, and I will do it again at 2 years. but I decided to go ahead and take pictures at 18 months. After getting the pictures done, I realized how much he has changed from his 1 year pictures!

We went to Sears to get his picture taken on Tuesday the 9th. I was very impressed with our photographer, she did an excellent job! She was able to capture some cute poses of our active toddler even though he was a little off!

I know the pictures are small, but there are a lot of them! In the pictures, Brendan is wearing little cowboy boots that belong to my little brother. I love the boots, Brendan was not as thrilled with them and had trouble walking in them. But they made for cute pictures! The sweater he is wearing was a gift from a coworker. She thought it looked like a "Teacher sweater" and since Scott is a teacher, we just had to have it!

I'm having trouble picking my favorite one, I think the last one is my favorite, although there are a lot of cute poses. What do you think?


Random Thoughts said...

They are really adorable, but the one where he is leaning on his arm and holding the monkey is too cute.

JT Reed said...

That little brother is now 6'1". Think those were a size 4 and now he wears a 12. How quickly little boys grown up.