Thursday, February 4

25 weeks

So I know I haven't given a real progress report on my pregnancy lately. I am now 25 weeks along. 15 more weeks to go! I can not believe I am almost in my final trimester, it feels as though I just found out I was pregnant.

Here are some recent ultrasound pics that I forgot to post with my last pregnancy update. Sorry they aren't the best quality, I have been carrying them around in my purse since Christmas Eve!

The ever classic profile:
The innapropriate gender shot:
The creepy "face" view
Finally, another head shot, profile with an arm "waving"
Overall I am feeling pretty good. When I walk too quickly I get sharp pains in my side, luckily they are bearable. My doctor tells me it is my ligaments holding up my uterus being pulled and stretched. I am still getting Braxton-Hicks contractions, my doctor says they are normal and not worry about them. It's hard not to "worry" about them when they make me uncomfortable! Not that I am really worried, more annoyed. I was secretly hoping for some more sympathy, or better yet, a temporary handicap parking slip so I wouln't have to walk to far since it tends to be the walks that cause the contrations and side aches. No such luck.
I just had a check-up last Monday with my doctor, actually I saw the PA. It was pretty uneventful, just check my weight, my urine, and schedule more blood work. She listened to the heartbeat again, still nice and strong, and measured my belly. I did ask about my weight gain. I haven't been as careful this time, and since I feel so much bigger with this pregnancy than my last, I was afraid I was gaining too much weight. I also started heavier with this pregnancy than the last. Since I don't have a scale at home, I haven't been keeping track of my weight gain. She looked at my record, and verified that I am still on track for weight gain. I lost some weight between my first appointment and my second, so total, I have only gained 10 pounds so far. She did tell me that I need to gain at least 15 more pounds before the end. Don't worry, that is not a problem! :)

I am now completely in maternity clothes. Yesterday I wore a non-maternity dress and realized that was the last time I could wear that dress. I really need to go shopping for a few more maternity items, specifically, black work pants. It is difficult to still dress nicely for work right now, I feel as though I look frumpy in my maternity clothes and...well...not so professional in my regular clothes.
Although physically I feel pretty good, mentally I don't feel all there. I am very forgetful and it takes me longer to process things at work than it used to. Blame it on lack of sleep, or baby brain, either way, it is frustrating.

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