Thursday, February 18

19 months old - Running like crazy

Brendan is now 19-months old this week. It is amazing to me how different he is than even 6 months ago. Every month I receive e-mail updates from Gerber with monthly updates as to what to expect developmentally. They are interesting to read and determine what is "normal" and what is going on with my toddlers mind and body.

Yesterday, however, I got an e-mail that was a little surprising to me. It read: "Around month 19, your child may begin to run! She might look a little awkward and fall quite a few times before she's able to master this skill, so make sure her environment is safe."

Excuse me? Did you say my toddler would begin to run? I'm sorry, have you met my child? He has been running since he learned how to walk! Okay, maybe a month or so after...but still, this is no new feat for my child.

Then I realized, I'm in big trouble!


Let Freedom Ring said...

This made me laugh; only because, I understand.

Brenda said...

You had better get your running shoes on because I believe he has a head start on you and it is going to be hard to catch up.