Sunday, February 7

Caleb Joseph

I realized that I had not yet posted the name that we have picked out for our new little one. As you saw in my earlier post, our baby is defiantly a little boy! :) We have told most of you the name but it had not yet been posted. You may remember back in November when we thought we narrowed it down to to names. And then again in December when we had the results of the voting, but decided not to go with either. The name we have chosen together, and both very much agree upon, is:

Caleb Joseph

I'm not sure how we came across the name, we threw names back and forth at each other, every day, after working all day with student files I would bring Scott a new list of names. Finally we came across Caleb. We both enjoyed the name but I continued to look for other options. Finally we decided to just stop looking, that Caleb was still our favorite. It was a week before Christmas when I got an e-mail from with the top 100 baby names for 2010. I was very upset to see Caleb listed at number 14. One of the reasons we chose Brendan was because it was not very common when I chose the name, although it too is gaining in popularity. I came home that evening with a list of names not on the list to try and sway my husbands decision and to go with a less popular name. Much to my constant..well..nagging, my efforts fell flat. Caleb it was. To be perfectly honest, I think I may have been very disappointed if Scott had given into my request, I have grown quite fond of the name Caleb.

We went with his Middle name of Joseph after Scott's grandfather. I have always liked the name Joseph, and I think that it fits well with Caleb.

Caleb is Hebrew, from the Old Testament meaning Faithful. The name Joseph is also Hebrew, meaning "God will increase".

Having a name picked out makes the coming of our new baby that much more anticipated, we can not wait to hold our little Caleb in our arms. A little more than 3 months away.

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Elizabeth said...

I love the name! Very good choice.