Friday, February 5

The Green Popscicle

While Brendan was sick with his bad cold, I knew his throat was hurting badly (because my throat hurt badly). So on one trip to the grocery store, I was looking at the Popsicles and found a box called "Mighty Minis" with slow melt formula. Hoping these would be okay for Brendan to try and eat, and help sooth his core throat I picked them up. They are wonderful for him! Each Popsicle is about 3 inches tall, and they are made with gelatin which makes them a slightly different consistency and slower to melt - therefore, less mess! The box says that a serving size is actually 3 Popsicles if that gives you any idea of the size. Just perfect for a toddler!
Brendan just loved his Popsicle. You can be sure I will be purchasing these again! They serving size is perfect and there is no huge mess to clean up when he is done!

For Christina, the collage was made through Costco's photo center.


Christina said...

Thank you! ;) Hailey is teething (top teeth) and she is more miserable with the top teeth coming in than the bottom, I am wondering if these popsicles will work? Hmmm! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Gpa loves popscicles too. We will have to go popscicling next time we are together.