Saturday, February 20

2010 Resolution #3

Among most bloggers this year is the resolution to blog more. Of course as we add to our family, and cut from our spending (cutting Internet) the opportunities for me to blog become increasingly less, however, this year I would like to make a goal to blog more often.

I'm not so crazy as to say that I want to post once a day, but I would like to keep this blog more updated than I have been with the going-ons of the Keys family. This is a great way for relatives, primarily grandparents, to keep up with our lives and get recent pictures, but more importantly for me, this is a journey of our lives. I am able to go back and see documentation of events, struggles and milestones we have been through.

With the new baby coming in May, I would like to keep this blog updated with the progression of my pregnancy, the excitement of the new baby, and well as the continued growth of Brendan. My husband gives me a hard time that sometimes my blog leans too much on updating about Brendan, and every post is about him. So I would like to try and post more of my thoughts and ideas, what I have learned or observed. But unfortunately, for me this is an update on our family and on Brendan.

I completely understand if my blog is boring at times to others, but I blog for me. I enjoy when others read my thoughts & updates and comment on my posts, but this is my journal of my family.

So for my resolution, I would like to post at least 3 posts a week, and 15 a month. In 2009, I averaged 10.5 posts a month, which was an improvement from the 9.25 posts a month in 2008. So far, I am already behind with on 10 last month, but I am well on my way this month. Hopefully, I can keep it up and keep this updated!


Random Thoughts said...

I think it's amazing you are able to keep it going with everything else on your plate. It is one of the highlights of my morning and I am grateful!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the blog. It always brings a smile to my face.