Tuesday, February 16

2010 Resolution #2

Just a note: These resolutions are in no way in any type of order of importance, just what I felt like writing about.
Being a working mom with a husband that works, and is gone, 2 nights a week, it is difficult to find time for myself. With the second baby now on the way, I know it is going to be even more difficult to find "me" time. I feel as though I am rarely ever alone. Brendan tends to be with me at all times, and typically on weekends, we have "family time" in which the three of us try not to make plans that don't include each other. Of course there are exceptions like a planned girls weekend away and such, but typically it is family time.
That being said, I have decided that in 2010 I need to actually make an effort to find "Me" time. It may not be too long or complex. I doubt I will make it to an entire Saturday to myself with a massage and pedicure. But I need to find a couple hours a week at least where I just focus on me.
To some of you this may sound very selfish and self-centered. However, most of my time is spent caring for my toddler, who requires a lot of attention. And when he goes to bed, I try to catch up on laundry, dishes, and other much needed items around the house, as well as the occasion work brought home for the evening.
I am making it a goal to have some quality "me" time at least once a week, and my hour lunch break runs to target for toilet paper do not count.
So a couple weeks ago I made my first real effort to have "me" time. It wasn't really too big of a deal since it was only a couple hours, but it was time dedicated to ME. It was on an evening when Scott was working late, I had put Brendan to bed at 7:45 and realized I had no other plans...

So I decided to just relax for the rest of the evening and enjoy the time alone. I started with a cup of tea and thought I would read a magazine that I desperately needed to catch up on. Eventually I made the entire evening into a romantic bath all to myself. It was actually the perfect evening to myself. I had a nice hot bubble bath, surrounded with the relaxing scent of Night-Blooming Jasmine. The soft glow of tea-lights in the dark house provided just enough light for me to enjoy my cup of tea and Martha Stewart Living magazine.

I realized that I had not taken the time to myself for a bath since before Brendan was born. That defiantly needs to change! My husband laughed when he came home, saying I was romancing myself, but either way, I was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed my evening "alone".

So my goal is to continue to take time to myself, at least once a week for "Me" time.